Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vintage Cowgirl Baby Room

I had been wanting to redo my littlest daughter's room for some time, but was unsure of how I wanted to go with it. Before, it was a bubblegum pink wall with black and white damask patterned knick knacks around...and it I don't feel like it fit her personality. Where my oldest daughter is girly, always wanting to play with dresses and makeup, my youngest is a fiery, feisty, independent little girl...and I don't feel like the bubblegum pink room matched her personality. I thought something like cowgirls would fit her more. 
One day on Instagram I came across these amazing western children's curtains, and I couldn't pass them up. The owner agreed to do a trade with me for this emerald green vintage necklace. Score! I waited a bit to get them and when they came, I hung them up immediately. 
The next day the kids and I went on our way to Walmart and picked up a can of paint. Originally I wanted to repaint her room yellow, and as I was browsing through the paint section I came across this apricot-y looking paint color. I couldn't pass it up, and it would still match the curtains. I looked around Walmart and found a few other items, including a cute sunflower clock that sits behind her crib. You know, cause 18 months can tell time.

I had these wooden letters that I had painted black with butterflies, so I bought some brown paint and some horse stickers, and changed them within ten minutes. I wasn't sure what to hang under them..so I looked around and I had this cute 1950's pink dress, that I thought looked sort of Little House on the Prairie like...so up on the wall it went next to a handmade crocheted little dress.

 Here are the curtains! Aren't they adorable? They have cowboys and campfires and cactus...oh my. I just loved them!

See up top those 4 framed needlepoints? Another trade on Instagram! I traded for a mint dress that I had, again, I couldn't pass up these adorable little things. They each portray a season.

At this point I kind of switched from cowgirl to just somewhat random...but the next few things I couldn't pass up either and I feel like it all came together in the end. 

I found this and a similar, smaller one at Savers...for only a few bucks! They sit behind her crib. She giggles at them.

The room is finally finished. It's a mix between awesome western cowgirl and kitsch-y old lady. When she's older and "too cool", I hope she still likes it. Until then! 



  1. I'm wanting to makeover my sons room... Sigh, it's going to be so expensive ~_~

    1. Thats what I was afraid of! I tried to stick to Goodwill for most of it! Such awesome deals there