Saturday, July 20, 2013

New dressing gown

I've gone to Goodwill lately and have found many things on my "wish list". I've also just found a lot of great things that weren't on my wish list, but were just too awesome not to buy. This morning my parents called me and wanted to see if I wanted to go to Goodwill with them. We thought today was half off day, but apparently that's next Saturday. Boo!
My parents were running a little behind so I decided to just browse while I waited. I went into the dress section, and looked through my size but found nothing..I decided to look in the bigger sections, with not much hope, but I was bored. 
That's when I spotted it. The most beautiful coral-red sheer..thing. I pulled it off the hanger and it was a dressing gown! Now, I just bought a 1920s dressing gown, but it didn't feel great on me, so I gave it to my fabulous friend who just adores anything 1920's-30's. 
So, I needed a new one and here was a glamorous one right in front of me! 
It was so bright, it hurt my eyes. Right the my parents walked up and I said to my mom " this ridiculous or awesome?"
"It's beautiful!"

So, it came home with me.

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