Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Old mail.

I came across an Etsy page recently that was selling old love letters from WWII, rather cheap. They are chosen at random, and after I bought one, I anxiously awaited for it to get here. Well, today it arrived! And I read it as soon as I opened it, and was different then I was expecting. 

"My dear husband, 
How is my sugar tonight? As for me I am about to freeze. The furnace is going in full swing but that wind come in around the windows anyway The wind has been awful today, it has been blowing hard and has it been cold. I almost froze while I was waiting for the bus this morning. I had to wait about 20-25 minutes. I wish I could drive this car so I could go in it on days like this and rainy days. My throat isn't entirely well yet and standing in the cold don't help it any. 
I am so glad you sent me your girlfriends picture. There is one thing certain, you don't need to use your imagination about her do you? If I can see straight, everything is in plain sight. 
Well, sugar, I got my bond today and I hope nothing happens that will be the start to our farm and home when this mess is over. I am still dreaming of that farm with a little white house in the middle of it all our own, aren't you? But I don't think of that a lot. What I think of most is when and how soon this will be over. The war news looks good tonight. They have started bombing Germany if they can just keep that up I believe Germany will soon throw her hands up...lets hope so anyway. 
I have sent you the paper every day this week, are you getting it? Let me know if you are getting it I will continue to send it. 
Sugar, you find out if you can be on the street after 12 o'clock because I may not get to leave here until 1:45 next Saturday afternoon. I don't know just how near I will get caught up with my work. You know that work has to go on. If I can't do it then they will have to get someone that can and right now I don't know what I would do without it. Ill let you know later when I will get there. I do know that unless I change my mind I am not going to leave here until 8 o'clock Saturday morning. It may make me late getting there but I know one thing, I don't want to wander around Little Rock half a day after riding all night anymore. That wears me out more then the trip. 
Even if I could be lucky enough to get a room when I got there then we would have two days room rent to pay when I can leave here and get there by the time or soon after you do if the trains aren't late, but I'll let you know more later. 
Well Sugar, it is late so I will say so long, this time next week I intend to be making plans to see you you the next night. 
Always with love, Frances. "

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  1. What a wonderful letter! It is so neat to get a peak into the past... Hurts my heart for her, I couldn't imagine having a husband off at war and waiting for him to come back to me