Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer fun....?

Most people look forward to summer all year round, but living in the hot Arizona desert, we just don't. With temperatures that reached 120 last week, it's tough to even step outside. In other parts of the country, summer is a time to go outside and play. So I'm at a loss. What to do during summer? 
I envy part of the country that get to go in picnics in the summer. Or play outside in nature. Or simply get to get inside of a car and not melt. 
With the Fourth of July coming up, I'm kind of bummed. I LOVE BBQs. They are on of my favorite things to do, but it's going to be so gross outside it will be hard to even go out an grab your ham burger. I guess there's always the pool? 
I'm at a loss for fun summer activities for the kids and I... And it's only July 1st. We have a good four months til it starts to cool back down. 
I foresee a lot of ice cream trips this summer. 
What do you do to stay cool in the summers? 


  1. My word, I've felt some toasty temps before, but I don't believe I've gone about 115F - 120 sounds mind-blowingly warm. When the mercury rising like a rocket, some of my favourite ways to try and beat the heat (in a house without central air) is keep chilled (damp) towels in the fridge all the time to drape over your neck (or wherever) as need (they're also very good to have on hand for warm pets), try and be most productive during the cooler parts of the day (late at night and early in the morning), investigate in good quality fans, keep a big pitcher of ice water on hand in the fridge at all times, drink and eat lots of cool, healthy foods; and to carry an umbrella with me (and often wear a sunhat) when I'm out and about. Ice cream, as you mentioned, is a definite must too!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Those are all awesome suggestions! Im a huge fan of cold watermelon in the summer! It ALMOST makes summer worthwhile! I also like the umbrella suggestion...thats a great idea!

    2. I'm happy you liked these ideas, dear gal - let me tell you, I've been reflecting on them big time this week. The weekend and yesterday was about 37-38C and today (Tues) reached as high at 40C for a little bit. Both us and our pets are living on bowls and bottles of ice water in front of the fans and daydreaming about January! :)

      ♥ Jessica