Sunday, November 18, 2012

First post.

Hey there. I decided to make a separate blog from my cooking blog to write about things I am into, mainly vintage fashion and hair/makeup. Hopefully you'll follow me!
My mom always called me an old soul, and about a year ago I started dressing like it. I used to go shopping in modern stores and only left disappointed and feeling bad about myself, because I have a classic body shape, hour-glassy. (Yes, I just made that word up.) I can't fit well into a pair of hip hugger jeans. I have curves right where the jeans want to squeeze and that's not flattering. These tight, short, modern dresses did nothing for my body except make me feel bad. 
I started looking into vintage options for clothes and realized that they are made to flatter a curvy body better, and that's what happened. An A-line dress is good to accentuate the small waist and is free flowing near the hips. But if you want a more body hugging dress- a classic wiggle dress that ends at your knees is flattering for a curvy body too.
I felt much more comfortable in these vintage clothes..and began to look into the whole look, as far as hair and make up. Red lips, curled hair, I was always fascinated with it. It looked so put together no matter what you were doing. And not to mention, it's easy.
So, this blog will be for vintage clothing, hair, makeup, and reviews of my favorite vintage clothing lines as well as other blogs. Hope you'll follow me!

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