Monday, November 19, 2012

Pin Curls and French Country

Hello! I had a great morning today!
Lately, I have been trying to grow my hair long, and I've been limiting my heat styling. I used to just blow-dry my hair every morning, and in return it was somewhat damaged. Lately, Ive just been pin curling my hair at night, and brushing it out the next morning. It's so easy and no damage!
When I first started pin curling, I would start out okay and the brushing our process was terrifying. I looked like I was in an 80's hair band. Along the way, I have learned some tips and tricks on how to smooth it out.
Some people follow the old diagrams on pin curling, but I don't. Ain't nobody got time for that!  I just pin curl my hair in opposite directions, alternating rows. By doing this, you get a good wave. 
Today, I did that and then put in one victory roll.
OH! Isn't this shirt adorable? I love the vintage-y sleeves. Best thing though: it was only 1.50 at forever 21!

Today I went down to Old Town Glendale because I went to the Spicery for lunch with my cousin Allie. Before she got there, me and the kiddos went over to Matilda's Vintage Closet to look around, but as soon as I got there it was closed! I was so bummed. I looked around an antique shop and found some cute vintage hats and brooches but didn't buy any this time.
When Allie got there I met her at the Spicery and we had a nice little lunch. Although, I think Elise was a little too excited for girl time because she started getting quite loud. Thankfully they put us in our own (adorable!) room...with roosters everywhere! My favorite!

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