Sunday, November 18, 2012


I like to do this when I am sitting around the house, or just plain don't feel like doing my hair that day. Yesterday, I had my hair in pigtails (Allie Hamilton style) and today I didn't feel like doing...anything. Really, I have just been home all day cleaning and cooking. 
I found 2 cute silk scarves at Goodwill the other day, and they were only .50 cents each! I thought they were pretty adorable but I worried about them slipping in my hair. It's good I have a ton of bobbie pins lying around!
So, today I just left my hair straight and did one victory roll on the front of my hair and threw the rest into the scarf. 
Anyway, to tie the scarf in your hair, fold it into a triangle. Put it around your back and bring the two sides up and tie them. Pull all the remaining hair into the pouch you created, and pull the pouch up and under the tie you made. At this point you can fold the two ties in, or leave them out like I did. Then, if you're using a silk scarf, pin the two sides to anchor the scarf or bandana into your hair. 

If you try it, send pics to with a pic! 

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