Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well, I give up.

Tonight I went to Target and looked at the makeup, and I feel like I am done with Drugstore makeup. I wanted to find a nice, red lipstick for the fall. I'm PRETTY sure that it's revlon or Loreal that used to make a matte lipstick. I looked at every single make up brand and could not find one matte lipstick. 
I don't really like the shiny/glossy look at all. If I could, my whole made up face would be matte. I do not like shimmery eyeshadows- or glossy lips. Matte is so classic. 
Oh well, my search continues for the perfect red lipstick.
Elise on the other hand was enthralled as I swiped the lipstick on the back of my hand to test out the colors. She giggled at each one as I explained to her what they looked like. I don't know why I am explaining lipstick to a 11 month old, but she was listening intently. 
Oh, I am dying my hair back black after the red fiasco. A month or so ago I decided I wanted red hair, so stupidly I dyed over my black hair with red. Well, I am sure you can guess that only my roots were red. I am fixing that as we speak. 
So, tell me in the comments..what's your favorite lipstick?
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  1. You should look into MAC Russian Red. I believe they discontinued it, but you can still find places selling it online.

  2. Thanks Tara! I've heard that name before on a few other vintage blogs so it must be ( or was) popular. Im gonna have to check it out.

  3. I love Mary Kay's really red, but it is a satin finish! I love that it is creamy and doesn't dry your lips out :) I've never liked lipstick, i'm more of a gloss girl! :)

  4. No problem. :) Also, Dita Von Teese uses MAC Ruby Woo and she's a vintage hottie. So, that one may even be better. Lol