Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been away awhile- technical difficulties! I figured with my first post back I should get down the basics of vintage styling, starting with pin curling. Pin curling is where you take the hair in sections and you curl the hair around itself, securing it with a bobby pin or a pin curl clip. I prefer the pin curling clips, because I find the bobby pins do not grasp my hair as well as the clips- and I sleep in them.
I usually do it in one or two inch sections, with a lot of hair. Sometimes I will curl all the way to the crown- sometimes just the length. Depending really on what style or look I am going for. 
If you want to actually see how to pincurl, I suggest looking up tutorials on Youtube- my favorite user being "Lisa Freemont Street".
There are also a lot of vintage diagrams out there to help with this, if you want to be precise. I don't follow them, because frankly I don't have the time to follow a confusing diagram!

Here I did alternating rows of pincurls. I find that is the best to get a wave while brushing out. I also do the top curls, also where my bangs are, elevated. This helps with volume. 
The brushing out part is where it's tricky. I guarantee if this is your first time and you begin to brush out your curls, you're going to panic a little. I like to think of it as 80's hair band hair..
The trick is to brush against your hand, and mold the hair as you go. I like to mold mine under into a pageboy.  In the above picture, I have two clips in to mold "Marcel waves" in my bangs. You know..kind of like Veronica Lake.
I WISH I had her hair!

I dont Video Blog, so its difficult to show you exactly how to pin curl..but here is an excellent video by Ashley from Lisa Freemont Street:   click here!

Thanks everyone! And check back in a few days- I ordered a 1930's Belmar Cloche hat and a 1950's Gigi Young party dress from Ebay that I will be reviewing.

See ya then!

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