Monday, December 10, 2012

My weekend

Hello! So, I want this blog to be a vintage inspired blog but also I would like some of my life to peak in as well. So this post is going to be about my weekend- as it was actually quite eventful! That being said, I am pretty tired from all the fun we had..but there is more fun to come this week because its little Elise's first birthday! I cannot believe that she is already one..where does the time go?
Saturday morning Shane and I got up and got ready for a baby shower. He insisted he wants to wear a suit, and I figured we'd be way over dressed..but he wore the suit anyway. And I must say, he looked mighty handsome! I wore a grey wiggle dress with a coral tie, hair done in a pun curled wave, and just some heels. Seriously, the heels I have are the worlds most comfortable heels. I wish I got pictures of our outfits for the purpose of this blog but I forgot. BUT when I got home I saw a much awaited package at my doorstep!

My Belmar cloche hat hat I purchased off Ebay! This hat is adorable, I would date it late 20's maybe early 30's as the brim is still pointed down. Later in the 30's the brim was common turned upward, and then they went obosolete.  I am in love with this hat. It's a nice velet and wool combo, in chocolate brown with a lighter brownish purple bow. 

We had our friends spend the night because they lived far away and the next day was Elise's birthday party. But that morning we were all hungry so we got into the super spacious minivan and went to Ihop! Here they are happy as can be. Then it was party time!

Happy birthday baby girl! See her beautiful cake? I loved it.
Hopefully to keep this post slightly vintage related...I wore to the birthday party this dress: 
Alot of people said they liked it- but with this dress I ALWAYS get mixed reviews!

This morning I got the girls up and surprised them with a impulsive trip to the park WITH picnic WITH friends! Here in Arizona, it's been in the 80's lately...but this morning was FREEZING. I left wearing a dress and halfway there I realized how cold I was and stopped to buy some stockings to keep me warm. Putting stockings on in car isn't easy...and the results are expected..

Here are some assorted pictures from our fun picnic with Linda and her daughter..and I met her incredibly nice boyfriend, Taylor, too!

Side note: I read Coedith's blog over at Life In A Pink House who is a vintage loving mother to four little girls- and a homeschooling mom. As I am certian that I want to homeschool my girls, too..her blog has inspired me to even more. She has the most amazing and creative lessons for her kids- really hands on. So, i decided..even though Lily is almost 3, now is the time to really begin some of the fun lessons of learning! She's already a bright little girl...she can count in English, Spanish, and French! But, if you're wanting to homeschool your kids or even if they're still young..pop over to her blog and check out all the wonderful ideas she has. It's never to early to begin teaching little ones, especially in fun exciting ways!

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