Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas goodies!

How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was great! Having two little ones makes the holidays extra special, and this year Lily finally understood who Santa was and seeing her face when she saw that Santa "ate the cookies" we left was the most special part. 
They of course were spoiled with endless gifts. 

I only wanted a few dresses that I've been eyeing for a few months. I'm so over jeans, and prefer to only wear dresses (Unless I can get some Freddie of Pinewood jeans! One day, one day). 

Anyway, I am going to sum up my Christmas in pictures!

My Christmas Eve outfit with creepy husband in background!

Christmas gift from my parents- Tatyana dress from Bettie Page clothing line.

 Me on Christmas Eve opening Elise's you can see she wasn't interested. 
Lilybug partaking in the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve 

 My pie..all this Pushing Daisies has made me want to bake bake bake!
 Christmas Eve Dinner
Dress was a present from my brother and sister in law. 

 Christmas DInner! 0_0
Christmas Eve pic with Elise and I!

My little Elise getting messy at dinner time!

Dress from my parents as a gift- Park Bench Dress from Modcloth (Brand is Folter) 

Thats all for now- I am off to have lunch with a friend- needing some mac and cheese in my life right now! 

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