Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas goodies part 2, and New Years Eve, and my year in pictures!

Happy New Year! Last night all we did was go out to dinner with my parents to Brio and then came home and watched Pushing Daisies. Im going to post this as a picture post and  just show you the rest of my vintage Christmas gifts and then show you my year in pictures!!

Got this little hand dyed 1950's  nightgown, which I am wearing right now because it is so beautiful.

New years dress. It's "Give it a Resotration" dress from Modcloth, by Heartbreaker. 

Major grandma mode.

Cute seamed stockings

My year in pictures:

Got pin curls down.

Had Christmas brunch with my two pretty cousins!

Went to Flagstaff

Picked pumpkins in Prescott

Ate summer fruits

Formed a playgroup

Went on a trip to Flagstaff.

And Sedona.

Mothers day tea!

 Went to Ren Fair!

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