Saturday, April 13, 2013

Im back.

It's been a while. Sorry about that. I've been somewhat busy and forget to update, it seems. I've been filling my days with cooking, cleaning, and caring for the little ones. Since it's nap time, I've decided to update with what's going on with me. 
Shane's been working quite a bit, so I have been trying to fill our days with fun activities. We've been making ice tea & croissant trips to AJ's, trips to the park, trips to the mall to smell perfume, antique (window) shopping, and spending time with family.
The other night my grandma had us over for lasagna and a night of looking through old family photos. When she mentioned she wanted to this, I was excited. I've wanted to look at old pictures of the family and I snapped some pictures of the pictures to share.
This was my absolute favorite of the bunch. On the right is my great grandmother. My mom always said that she thought I was my great grandmother reincarnated. Apparently, my grandmother had quite a mouth on her, always with the dirty talk, to unlike myself. One time when my mom and I were driving and I saw a donation bin in a parking lot I said to my mom "If you lift me up, I'll hop in there and grab some treasure!" (Totally joking, maybe..) and my mom stared at me and said "Oh my goodness! You're great grandma actually did that one time!" It's solid evidence. 
When I uploaded this picture onto instagram, my sister in law even commented that she thought that it WAS me in this picture. I guess we look alike. I'll take it!
I'm also a big fan of this photo as well. That's m grandma, second to the right, in the tall hat. I'm not sure where they were in tis picture, it  looks like some sort of diner party. But can I just say the dress on the lady on the far right, is absolutely gorgeous!
This is my grandma on the left holding a baby (my mom maybe? I don't know) but that bathing suit is amazing! And my grandma looks smokin' hot...and she still looks super amazing even in her 60's! I'm not kidding. I have hope in genetics for myself.

This is my great grandmother (on the left) in what my grandma says was her favorite dress. They are at the Coco Cabana. This is one of my favorite pictures. 

 And the best part of the day. My grandma gave me her 1950's mink stole. She knew how much I love it, and I do. She did remind me not to wear it while washing dishes, though! 

Thats all for now, see ya!

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