Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Perfect Dress

I have searched long and hard for the perfect dress. Especially one from the '40's, as that is my favorite era. Usually I can find a dress and its either out of my price range, or it has just a little something about it that doesn't look right on me. Mostly, it's the former. Anything from that time period is at least 60+ on Etsy, and I just can't afford it. I'll drool over it, but just can't purchase it. 

Well, the other day I happened to come across this one on Etsy for only $10. Can you believe that? I wasn't sure about it at first.. The neckline was too high for someone like me (larger chest) and the sleeves looked like they were going to be too puffy. Plus, elastic waistline.  But for only $10 I figured it was worth a shot and I bought it. 
 It came amazingly quick. 
I opened it and realized its full potential. 

It was perfect, and it fit me like a glove. The neckline wasn't awkward,
And neither were the sleeves. It looked like it was made for me. 

I have long searched for the perfect dress! Sometimes setting the price filter on Esty at no more then $10 really produces results 



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