Sunday, June 16, 2013

What inspires you?

What inspires you? That's something that's been on my mind often lately, something I wonder about. What inspires me? I'd say for the most part, most of us go about our day doing roughly the same thing as the day before. At times it can feel monotonous, boring...same thing day after day. But there in the midst of it all, little things tend to inspire us to either be creative, or simply to just be more ourselves. Sometimes I will just be going throughout my day will come across something that inspires me to be more me, or just make me feel comforted in general. 
So readers (hi mom!), what inspires you guys? This is a list of things that inspire me:

1. My kids: 

This would be my number one inspiration. My two little girls. As an adult, it's easy to get caught up in the adult like things...bills, stress, worry, etc. Rushing to get things done, chores, work. I get to spend all day and every day with my littles, being a stay at home mom, and I get to pick up on that child-like wonder and sometimes it even makes it's way into me. Watching them giggle like mad men over bubbles, or laughing at the dog. The little things us adults tend to ignore are the exact things that they find the most interesting. On a daily basis, my three year old says at least 10 adorable things. Today she said to me two of the most heart melting things imaginable.."Mom, I swear I will never wipe your kisses off!" and "I'll love you forever." Out of no where. If that doesn't inspire you to be a better person, I don't know what will.

2. Other's blogs

I love to read other young women's blogs. It's my favorite internet-y thing to do. (Yes, I just made that word up.) Since I am big into the vintage world, I tend to focus on vintage blogs, as well as blogs that are geared towards mothers as well. I've found so much inspiration in reading other's blogs..inspiration for homeschooling, for how to express myself through my interests, cooking, writing. Even the little things like going to buy myself flowers, or trying a new makeup. Its nice to be able to feel connected to someone else through reading their thoughts, especially if they have similar interests as you. For me, I have always been an old soul, always interested in the past..and it's wonderful to know that there are other like minded YOUNG people out there. If interested, some of my favorite blogs are Strawberry Koi, Vixen Vintage, and the Atomic Redhead. 

3.  Reading

How cliche right? Reading being an inspiration. But it really is. My style of reading materials are a bit all over...from 1930's french literature (Hello, Georges Bataille) to Anais Nin, Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller....all the way to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Oddly enough, where people tend to read to escape their lives and go on an adventure, I really enjoy reading books that are about every day life. They tend to be slower but if I can relate to the character in the book, that's what I find important. I can't get into fantasy or sci fi, but a book that's about an everyday person doing every day things, that will draw me in. It's nice to feel that even though this book...written say in France in the late 30's, or wherever or whenever, is relatable to me now in the desert of Arizona in 2013, that inspires me. 

4. Old photos

I love going through old photos. This one above in particular really caught my attention. On the website, Shorpy, you can scroll through old photos and zoom in with amazing detail. In this photo, it's just a typical family in the 1930's eating dinner. I don't know what caught my eye about it when I first saw it, and I don't know why it still gets my attention now...but it does. I will pour over a book of old photos. I have a small collection of old year books that range from the 30's-50's that I look through to get inspiration for style, hair, makeup. Or just to read the signings in the year book and to laugh at the stories that are told. Its nice to know that some things just never change.

That's just my short list of a few things that inspire me. What inspires you?

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