Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review of the "Exquisite Form " bra

Recently, I have been in search of a softer bullet bra. I mean, a really, really toned down version. I heard of the "exquisite form" bra by Playtex, and I thought I would give it a try. It's incredibly cheap at only 12 dollars on Amazon, and I really needed a new bra in general, so I went ahead and purchased one. FULL DISCLOSURE: I wear a 32DDD but I decided I would go up a size in the band (it has no stretch in the band) and down a size in the cup (it seems like a rather large cup, covering the whole breast) so I purchased a 34DD.
I received it yesterday. When I took it out of the package my first thought was I will not get laid while wearing this. It's rather hideous, I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact bra hanging in my 80 year old grandma's bathroom. It's reality, really not cute. I threw it on anyway. 
It actually fit rather well, and it supports ALOT. The straps have no elasticity so they won't slip, which was very exciting to me. Since I have a larger chest, the straps always slip and it is so frustrating. It has no underwire, so the breast are supported mainly from your shoulders. That can get uncomfortable, and I feel like the straps kind of dig into my shoulders from the weight of my breasts. But they're still in a nice position. I don't get that from normal "modern" bras. 
The shape. Let's move on to the shape.

We all know that bullet bras or "cone bras" are not in style anymore. Most people agree that they should of been one of those things that died out in the era it was created, not unlike Aquanet of the '80's. But I'll be honest. I still use Aquanet and now I have a bullet bra so whatever!
The above photo is a front view, which is not very noticeable of the shape. It looks decent enough. When I first tried on the bra I was like "Okay, woah. Pointy." But it somewhat grew on me. I plan to only wear it under my authentic vintage dresses. The darting on the dresses or blouses almost require a bullet bra, and wearing a modern bra puts the darting in an odd position, which isn't flattering.
Side view? Okay.
I had to put on a sweater because I feel like a "Sweater Girl". 

So basically, my overall thoughts are this: 
If you want to try out a bullet bra for cheap but don't want to get laid when you take off your shirt, try this bra out. At 12 dollars, its really no harm done. If you wear vintage clothing, it's almost a must. 
If you want a more intense, expensive, sexier bullet bra, you can check out UK-based vintage lingerie designers What Katie Did. 

What are your thoughts on bullet bras? Outdated or sexy? Comment below.

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